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23 September, 2022

Top 5 by Note Cosmetics

“Spread Beauty – because beauty is not only something you have but also something you give” Founded in 2014, Note Cosmetics recognise the beauty in the everyday while empowering every woman, in every culture and in every stage of her life to uncover the best […]


16 September, 2022


Did you know that 1.3 billion single use wipes are used every day and each one takes 100 years to breakdown? Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles, whales, other marine mammals, and more than 1 million seabirds die each year from ocean pollution and ingestion […]


15 September, 2022

The Joi of Healthy Hair

Experience the inner joi and confidence of exceptionally healthy-looking hair with the most comprehensive, technologically targeted collection of home care products. All designed to put sophisticated salon results into your hands!  


6 September, 2022

Autumn Makeup With ARTDECO

The new ARTDECO A/W collection Tweed your style reinterprets the timeless classic tweed: a fabric that never goes out of international fashion. Tweed is also perfect when paired with a little black dress to emphasize your feminine elegance. Tweed is a must-have this season!   […]


11 August, 2022


Create a chic summer makeup look in less time than it takes to drink your morning coffee! Summer makeup shouldn’t take long to apply and if recent times have thought us anything, it’s that less is more when it comes to makeup! Minimal products that […]


11 August, 2022


With the August heatwave incoming, it is more important more than ever that we are protecting ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays. Here at Strala Beauty, we have put together some of our hottest summer must-haves below to keep your skin safe this summer.


1 July, 2022


With a vision to change the way we wear and perceive SPF for the better, Hello Sunday is a brand that is as stylish as it is efficient. Formulated by a team of creative specialists and beauty formulation experts, Hello Sunday’s product line up slots […]


7 June, 2022

Summer Haircare Tips

Whether you are off to hotter climates this year or enjoying a few sunny weeks at home, haircare can be tricky during the summer months! It can be difficult to know what your hair may need in warmer weather to keep it looking and feeling […]


24 May, 2022

Which ARTDECO Foundation Is For You?

Who hasn’t experienced this problem? Finding the right foundation online is never easy! Whether you have dry, oily or combinations skin, we have done the hard work for you! Check out our handy ARTDECO foundation guide to find the best foundation for you.   The […]


9 May, 2022

Our Summer Saviour!

With the weather now improving and the smell of summer in the air, it’s time to start taking out the tan again and embracing the beautiful bronzed goddess that you are! But with tan application, comes the dreaded removal process! Like everyone we have tried […]


14 April, 2022

ARTDECO’s Collect Sunshine Memories

With the new ARTDECO Bronzing Collection Collect Sunshine Memories, it’s time to welcome the summer months! This year’s Bronzing collection was inspired by the Italian “white city” Ostuni and a small family business that has been producing unique handmade ceramic and terracotta objects in the […]


30 March, 2022

The Best ARTDECO Lipsticks!

PERFECT COLOURS FOR THE PERFECT POUT Wear a new colour every day with ARTDECO’s Perfect Color Lipstick! The revolutionary formula of this lipstick has been designed to perfection. The creamy-smooth texture combines the latest technology with effective care. Hyaluronic acid and collagen smooth the lips, minimise […]