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Lusso Tan

Lusso Tan, renowned for creating the world’s first tan removing bath bomb, offers everything you need to create your perfect tan. With Lusso Tan’s 3 Step Ritual, you will be glowing in no time!

The Lusso Tan 3 Step Ritual

To perfect your tan, it takes more than just coating yourself in a tan lotion. Consider your make up application, would you expect a perfect look by applying foundation without a moisturiser beforehand or some blusher or bronzer afterwards?

For the best result your tan should start with primed skin, followed by a great natural looking tan shade and then for that final dimension add highlight, contour or shimmer to really lift the tan & make it look sensational.

Lusso Tan’s PRIMER plumps and conditions your skin to give the ideal canvas for your tan!

The carefully designed LUSSO TAN will give you the glow of a natural golden tan.

A little FINISHING TOUCH with the Skin Perfector will make a beautiful tan into an exceptional polished look.


Each step has a purpose and with just a little effort this best practice tanning can easily become second nature. You will smooth, spritz, stroke and brush yourself to glowing perfection.


This method is as fool proof as possible. Lusso Tan have tried to think of everything, so you don’t have to. Their goal is to help you create consistent results each time you tan.


Their formulas are designed to nourish your skin at every step. So not only do you step out of your home golden and glowing, your skin will feel soft and in its best condition.

Two of our favourite products at Strala Beauty include the Lusso Tan Self Tanning Mousse Dark and the tan remover Tan-Be-Gone Shower Bar.