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Welcome to the world of ICONESSE scented candles, the world of Impressions where fragrances have shapes, colours and textures. The IMPRESSIONS collection is inspired by famous paintings and designed to stimulate all senses. It sparks the imagination, inspires, and awakens your creativity.


Six famous paintings inspired the creation of a unique collection of scented candles. Each of them tells a different story involving all the senses.

iconesse paintings (group)

Designed in New York, developed with the utmost care by Parisian perfumers and set in crafted glass from Europe, ICONESSE scented candles are a sublime, sensual experience.

How to get the most out of Iconesse Impressions?

  • When burning for the first time, burn the candle until the entire top layer of wax has liquified to the edge of the glass
  • Whilst burning, the wick will form a “mushroom” shape due to carbon build-up. After approx. 3 hours of steady burning, put the candle out, wait at least 1 hour until the wax has solidified, and trim the wick to 1/4 length
  • Do not burn the candle for short periods such as half an hour. This isn’t enough for the candle to release its full fragrance and the wax won’t burn evenly, forming a tunnel through the middle of the candle
  • To stop burning the candle, simply close it with the wooden lid
  • Be sure to reposition the wick vertically before the wax solidifies
  • Before re-lighting the candle, cut off a quarter of the wick to get the most out of your fragrance and avoid any smoke discharge
  • Trim the wick after each burning. Cut it only when the wax has solidified (wait at least 1 hour)

Our favourites at Strala Beauty include the ICONESSE Fragrant Meadow Scented Candle and ICONESSE Mäda Scented Candle.