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ARTDECO Quick Dry Nail Lacquer


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Quick-drying nail polish with algae extract

Makeup by ARTDECO




Fast drying time and easy to apply: the ARTDECO Quick Dry Nail Lacquer is perfect for a speedy application!

Its innovative formula dries a third quicker on average than conventional nail polish. In addition, the durable formula ensures flawless, even and streak-free nail colour. It also contains ingredients that help nourish and strengthen your nails.

Your nails are further protected and stabilized against external influences by the nail polish layer. The intense, modern colours create stunning, eye-catching nails!



Start by applying a thin coat to your nails and leaving it to dry. To achieve perfect coverage, apply a second coat.
Expert tip: Use with the Ultra Quick Dry Top Coat (N° 11111) to dry the polish even faster and add extra shine.


Image of Bundled Product: ARTDECO Ultra Quick Dry Top Coat

ARTDECO Ultra Quick Dry Top Coat

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Dries your Nail Polish in just 60 seconds



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