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ARTDECO Bronzing Collection “Dive into the Ocean of Beauty”

Dive into the Ocean of Beauty with the ARTDECO Bronzing collection!

Vibrant turquoise and vivid coral tones come together to lead you into a colourful underwater world.

artdeco all seasons bronzing powder (model)

ARTDECO All Seasons Bronzing Powder

The limited edition vegan & cruelty free All Seasons Bronzing Powder with three colour shades are perfectly co ordinated and can be worn individually or together depending on the season and skin type. The velvet texture is softening on the skin barely noticeable it’s the best bronzing powder for a wide range of skin tones. The bronzer is free from mineral oil, parabens, fragrance, silicone and talc. It comes beautifully packaged in a coral pattern.

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artdeco bronzing blush

ARTDECO Bronzing Blush

The ARTDECO Bronzing Blush is a highlight of the DIVE INTO THE OCEAN OF BEAUTY collection. It not only catches the eye with its beautiful packaging, but also gives you more freshness in no time with its two blusher nuances! The immediate colour release allows for easy application with a velvety soft skin feel. The embossing of the powder matches the design of the case perfectly and lets you immerse yourself in the depths of the underwater world.

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artdeco eyelights palette ocean obsession (model)

ARTDECO Eyelights Palette – Ocean Obsession

The limited edition ARTDECO Eyelights Palette contains exciting eyeshadow colours that are ideal for natural everyday looks, trendy beach looks and eye-catching party make-up. The Eyelights Palette contains eight pearly and metallic tones that are perfectly matched to each other, resulting in countless make-up possibilities. The four marbled eyeshadows are the highlights of the palette and make your next look an eye-catcher.

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artdeco glow bronzer

ARTDECO Glow Bronzer

With the ARTDECO Glow Bronzer, you combine bronzing powder and highlighter in one product and use this combination to create a delicately tanned, radiant complexion. The delicate, slightly creamy texture melts perfectly on your skin and can be easily applied over normal powder. Inspired by the beauty of the underwater world, the long-lasting glow bronzer comes in a reflective coral design.

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artdeco color booster lip balm coral (model)

ARTDECO Colour Booster Lip Balm “Coral”

Lip care with delicate pigmentation for a shiny finish and a fresh look. The nourishing Colour Booster Lip Balm emphasises the natural lip colour with delicate colour pigments. The colour boosting effect gives the lips a fresh and subtle colour. The self-colouring pigments combine with the self-protecting film on the lips, emphasising the natural lip colour. Depending on the individual pH of the lips, the colour varies from subtle rose to a delicate pink to a light red. The lips look wonderfully relaxed and radiant.

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artdeco moisturizing skin tint light (model)

ARTDECO Moisturizing Skin Tint

Ultra light and delicate, the ARTDECO Moisturizing Skin Tint melts into the skin and ensures a fresh, radiant complexion. The tinted day care reduces small irregularities, blemishes, lines and enlarged pores and leaves the skin with a natural freshness and radiance. With a pleasant scent for the senses! The lightness and flexibility of the gel merge with the soothing feeling of a cream. The application gives a pleasantly refreshing feeling, while the skin is cared for with a variety of valuable ingredients.

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