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Beauty Tips When Wearing A Mask

As we adjust to very strange times, part of our new normal is wearing masks on public transport and when in indoors spaces such as shopping centres and department stores.

As a result, there has been a rise in beauty tutorials online recommending what makeup to wear to give the ultimate staying power and to stop your makeup smudging when wearing masks through the day.

We have shared some of our top tips and hacks to make sure that your makeup stays put and looks fabulous all day long while ensuring that your skin is cared for in the process!

artdeco magic fix lipstick sealer

ARTDECO’s Magic Fix works like an invisible protective shield for your lipstick and contains natural ingredients such as essentials oils for a nourishing boost while Lavender Oil is added for its nourishing and calming effects. Say goodbye to smudging and hello to long-lasting colour!

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diego dalla palma sebum normalising cream spf15

If wearing your mask for a long period of time during the day, your skin might be acting up right now. This can be due to the mask rubbing against your face and also due to the lack of exposure to fresh air. This can lead to oil, sweat and makeup to build up under the mask and can cause breakouts on the skin.

Diego dalla Palma’s Sebum Normalising Cream is a light gel moisturiser with a purifying action to help tackle any blemishes with a purifying action. This cream also contains Probiotic Lactobacillus which restores the skin balance and reinforces the beneficial skin bacterial flora, strengthening the skin’s immune system to defend against unwanted bacteria and other external agents.

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artdeco 3 in 1 fixing spray

To refresh your make up throughout the day and to fix it into place, you need ARTDECO’s 3 in 1 Fixing Spray in your makeup bag!

When putting on your makeup and after, spritz your skin evenly with ARTDECO’s 3 In 1 Fixing Spray to help grip your makeup and to keep it in place for the day. Keep it in your handbag or on your desk to refresh throughout the day or on especially warm days, you could keep it in the fridge! #toptip


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diego dalla palma deep cleansing gel

For skin that is continuously breaking out when using masks, Diego dalla Palma’s Deep Cleansing Gel is your knight in shining armour! Formulated to cleanse oily, shiny and acne-prone skin effectively and gently, this cleansing gel will eliminate excess sebum, impurities and traces of make-up and purifies the pores for pleasantly fresh skin.

This deep cleansing gel contains Cell Detoxium for improved cellular function, Salicylic acid for exfoliating and anti-bacterial and Sulfur-based amino acids which purify and promote sebum balancing.


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misslyn desert night eyeshadow palette burning desire (open)

Lastly, when you want your eyes to be the focus when wearing a mask, try Misslyn’s Desert Night Eyeshadow Palette! With four matte and eight metallic shimmering eyeshadows, this palette will take you from day to night. With a buttery texture, these colours are dream to blend and will create endless looks with these perfectly coordinated colours.

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