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Summer Haircare Tips

Whether you are off to hotter climates this year or enjoying a few sunny weeks at home, haircare can be tricky during the summer months! It can be difficult to know what your hair may need in warmer weather to keep it looking and feeling healthy.  There’s nothing worse than coming back from a relaxing break with dry, frizzy hair!

So if you are planning on stocking up for the summer months with best best haircare for you, check out our tips below!

color wow money masque

If you are planning on going to the beach or swimming this summer, it’s so important to protect your hair. Saturate your hair with warm water and then apply a leave-in conditioner, conditioner or hair mask to the hair from the ends up, such as COLOR WOW Money Masque. 

This will act as a protective barrier and will stop the hair absorbing the pool water, chlorine or mineral deposits from the pool.

Once finished swimming, rinse your hair then cleanse and condition as normal.

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color wow dream filter

If you have grey or blonde hair, highlights or balayage, it’s important to be extra mindful when it comes to your hair colour. It’s important to watch out for metal deposits from water, which are what causes the hair to look brassy or give it a green, yellow, orange or copper hue.

Colour WOW Dream Filter is a spray treatment that you apply to the hair before washing, and it removes those metal deposits from the hair. It’s a great alternative to use between clarifying / detoxing shampoos, as it’s not as harsh.


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olaplex bonding oil

Another summer haircare tip, is to seal and protect the hair by applying oil to the hair. But it is important to ensure that you are sealing hydration and water into the hair, not out. Firstly make sure that you are applying a sealing oil rather than a penetrating hair and only apply when the hair is wet not dry!

Plus don’t forget, you are sealing not saturating so you only need a few drops!

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