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ARTDECO Colour Correcting Stick


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Waterproof make up pens. Neutralise skin discolouration for a perfectly balanced, flawless complexion

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The precise Colour Correcting Sticks neutralise skin discolouration, spots and blemishes precisely.

Each shade combats different discolourations; Green against redness, Lavender against a pale yellow complexion, Yellow against bluish skin and Apricot neutralises darker and olive-coloured skin areas.

The texture becomes completely waterproof shortly after application. For a flawless make-up!



Apply the appropriate colour correcting stick to the chosen area of ​​skin and blend the edges with the Medium Oval Brush Premium Quality or with your fingers. The Colour Correcting Stick is waterproof after approx. 3-5 minutes.

Important: Close the pen firmly after each use so that they remain soft and smooth.


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ARTDECO Glamtopia Blush

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  1. Manuela Pizir (verified owner)

    fast delivery, everything is fine, thank you

    schnelle Lieferung alles bestens Danke

  2. Claudia Schollmayer (verified owner)

    Love this stick. Use this as eyeliner. The Color is friendly and let the eyes shimmer

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