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ARTDECO Couture Lipstick Refill


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Silky, glossy lipstick refill for the Couture Lipstick Case

Makeup by ARTDECO




A real all-rounder! The creamy ARTDECO Couture Lipstick Refill is perfectly suited for your Couture Lipstick Case and contains many different shades to give your lips a gorgeous sheen. Choose your lipstick shade, pick out a case, and create your own favourite lipstick!

Texture and finish:
The wonderfully creamy texture glides smoothly over the lips for a comfortable, soft and nourishing feel. The lipstick gives your lips a beautiful colour paired with a silky sheen, ensuring that your lips have an even and balanced appearance.

Ingredients and their effect:
The creamy formula is made from at least 80% ingredients of natural origin, such as caprylic/capric triglyceride, a light, skin-nourishing oil. 100% natural candelila wax, which is ideal for daily application and leaves the lips velvety soft. The remaining ingredients help to ensure the excellent product performance. The ARTDECO Couture Lipstick Refill, with its minimal, selected ingredients, combines the power of nature with the must-haves of a modern lipstick.

The colourants, such as mineral pigments, provide glossy, smooth colour in just one application. ARTDECO has purposely chosen an FSC mix box derived from responsibly managed forests and plantations. That’s why you’ll find the FSC mix symbol on the box.

** In order to improve transparency for their customers, ARTDECO have purposely chosen not to include the percentage of water contained in the products as part of the natural ingredients. As a result, the percentages of natural ingredients given explicitly exclude water and are based largely on plants and minerals. The remaining 20% helps to ensure the excellent performance and durability of the product.

Please note that the ARTDECO Couture Lipstick Refill and the Lipstick Case are sold separately.



Use a lip liner in a matching shade to define your lip contour. This will also extend the wear time of the lipstick. You can also combine the lipstick with the Magic Fix for even better longevity.


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Image of Bundled Product: ARTDECO Couture Lipstick Case

ARTDECO Couture Lipstick Case

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Refillable lipstick case for your favourite Couture Lipstick Refill

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