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ARTDECO Liquid Camouflage

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Extremely high-coverage make-up with Second-Skin-Formula without mask effect

Makeup by ARTDECO

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The ARTDECO Liquid Camouflage Long-Lasting completely removes blemishes and gives your complexion a perfect, even finish, without mask effect. Thanks to the creamy second skin formula with argan oil, tiger grass extract, panthenol and lysine, the supple foundation feels like a second skin on your complexion and moves comfortably with the facial expressions.

The ultra-fine, extremely high pigmentation gives the foundation a very beautifully opaque and natural finish. The long-lasting full-cover make-up is smudge-proof after drying.

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With valuable ingredients such as argan oil, tiger grass extract (Centella Asiatica Extract), panthenol and lysine.

Key Features at a glance:

  • Full Coverage: The ARTDECO Liquid Camouflage offers full coverage that effectively hides all types of imperfections. From redness to discolorations, ensuring a smooth and even skin tone.
  • Long-lasting Formula: The advanced formula is designed to stay put, providing you with a flawless look that withstands the test of time. No need for touch-ups throughout the day.
  • Lightweight Texture: Say goodbye to heavy and cakey concealers. The lightweight texture of Liquid Camouflage blends seamlessly into your skin, offering comfortable, breathable coverage.
  • Easy Application: The precise applicator allows for easy and targeted application, ensuring you achieve the desired coverage exactly where you need it.
  • Wide Shade Range: With a diverse range of shades, finding your perfect match is effortless. From fair to deep skin tones, ARTDECO has you covered.
  • Buildable Formula: Whether you’re going for a natural look or need extra coverage, Liquid Camouflage is buildable without ever feeling heavy or unnatural.

Enhance your beauty routine with a concealer that not only covers imperfections but also cares for your skin. The ARTDECO Liquid Camouflage contains skin-loving ingredients that help soothe and nourish your skin, making it suitable for all skin types.

Perfect for daily wear, special occasions, and photoshoots, Liquid Camouflage ensures your complexion looks flawless and camera-ready at all times.



1. Prep: Cleanse your skin as usual then apply your skin care.
2. Colour choice: Choose a Liquid Camouflage suitable to your skin tone or mix two colours together on the back of your hand right before application to get the perfect shade.
3. Application: Apply the foundation onto your face and work the liquid into your skin with the Artdeco Oval Brush. If you want to apply the foundation onto larger areas (forehead / cheeks) use the Large Oval Brush.
4. Let it dry: Now let the Liquid Camouflage dry completely. To fix the foundation apply the Setting Powder Compact.

Tipp: To cover-up very dark skin patches or tattoos, apply a few layers of foundation. Let every layer of foundation dry completely before applying the next layer.


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