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ARTDECO Liquid Camouflage


Article No: 4910
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Extremely high-coverage make-up with Second-Skin-Formula without mask effect.

Makeup by ARTDECO

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Ultra-light comfort combined with intense coverage.

The ARTDECO Liquid Camouflage Long-Lasting completely removes blemishes and gives your complexion a perfect, even finish, without mask effect. Thanks to the creamy second skin formula with argan oil, tiger grass extract, panthenol and lysine, the supple foundation feels like a second skin on your complexion and moves comfortably with the facial expressions.

The ultra-fine, extremely high pigmentation gives the foundation a very beautifully opaque and natural finish. The long-lasting full-cover make-up is smudge-proof after drying.

With valuable ingredients such as argan oil, tiger grass extract (Centella Asiatica Extract), panthenol and lysine.



1. Prep: Cleanse your skin as usual then apply your skin care.
2. Colour choice: Choose a Liquid Camouflage suitable to your skin tone or mix two colours together on the back of your hand right before application to get the perfect shade.
3. Application: Apply the foundation onto your face and work the liquid into your skin with the Artdeco Oval Brush. If you want to apply the foundation onto larger areas (forehead / cheeks) use the Large Oval Brush.
4. Let it dry: Now let the Liquid Camouflage dry completely. To fix the foundation apply the Setting Powder Compact.

Tipp: To cover-up very dark skin patches or tattoos, apply a few layers of foundation. Let every layer of foundation dry completely before applying the next layer.


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