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Most Wanted Contouring Palette + Contouring Brush Premium

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2 Units

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Powder palette for contouring, strobing & blush + special flat brush for the accurate application of contouring powder

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Most Wanted Contouring Palette

The Most Wanted Contouring range includes 6 fantastic soft powders for contouring, strobing and blush. The palette contains dark contour powder in 3 harmonic colour gradations offering numerous options to keep up with the latest make-up trends.

The soft powdery texture allows for a precise application. Available in 2 colours (cool & warm).


Contouring Brush Premium Quality

The flat, oval contouring brush makes perfect contouring simple. Thanks to the soft synthetic fibres, the two-tone brush adapts perfectly to the different parts of the face.

Thanks to the firm, tight bundling of the fibres, the brush gathers up the right amount of powder. You can then apply the contouring powder evenly and precisely to the desired areas.



You can use the powder shades to make up one of the three looks Natural, Dramatic or Trendy, as shown on the packaging, or combine the shades as you wish. You can also use strobing powder and blusher individually.


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