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ARTDECO Natural Finish Compact Foundation


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Pressed powder makeup with at least 90% ingredients of natural origin

Makeup by ARTDECO




You want the perfect complexion, but still look natural? The ARTDECO Natural Finish Compact Foundation combines both properties in one.

The powder make-up not only impresses with its performance, but also with its ingredients and packaging! The natural texture with minerals consists of at least 90% ingredients of natural origin. Ximenia seed oil ensures good adhesion to the skin and at the same time has a revitalizing and restructuring effect.

The fine texture makes the complexion appear even and silky soft and mattifies shiny areas immediately. The skin compatibility of the ARTDECO Natural Finish Compact Foundation is dermatologically confirmed, so you can use the powder make-up on sensitive skin without hesitation.

The most important ingredients and their effects:

  • Ximenia seed oil ensures the product adheres well to the skin, has a revitalizing effect, and prevents skin aging
  • Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicones, PEG/-compounds, talc, GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
  • Vegan (no ingredients of animal origin)

The product does not darken on the skin. Depending on the amount applied, the colour intensity can be individually varied from subtle to intense – perfect for a natural, fresh finish!

The packaging consists of at least 40% rice husk powder, which is recyclable and therefore 100% environmentally friendly.

For the box, ARTDECO made a conscious decision to use paper from sustainable forestry, which comes from responsibly managed forests and plantations.

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Sustainability has been anchored at ARTDECO since the company was founded. They want to constantly develop and improve. It is very important to them to gradually become more sustainable wherever possible!

The route is the goal!

Their goal is to produce less waste and to make their way of working more sustainable. Along the entire supply chain. From production to packaging to delivery to your home. While they have not yet arrived at the end of our journey, they are gearing up step by step to become more sustainable.

Sustainability is not a new word for ARTDECO! They have been taking social, ecological and economic responsibility for its employees, customers and future generations for decades. With their values in mind, showing more transparency, responsibility and innovation, they want to optimize their processes and products step by step.



Apply the Natural Finish Compact Foundation with a powder brush. The Multi Powder Brush or a puff can be used to apply the powder make-up directly to the skin.


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