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Article No: DSK0141

Diego Dalla Palma Universal Sanitising Cleansing Solution

by Diego dalla Palma

Sanitising solution with 75% alcohol, suitable for all surfaces including makeup


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Practical, quick, safe and universal. Suitable for use on all surfaces including makeup products & accessories that come into contact with the skin.

The alcohol component evaporates quickly & dries in a short time so you can sanitise & use the product or accessory immediately after use. When using on powder, compact foundation, eyeshadow etc., allow to dry before use. If necessary, use a tissue to absorb any excess.


Chlorhexidine – antibacterial
Alcohol 75% – sanitising



Spray at about 10cm. Leave to dry. If necessary, use a tissue to absorb any excess.
For personal care, use only on the hands & not on other parts of the body.
Do not rinse.


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