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NOTE Ultra Rich Color Lip Pencil


Article No: N6003-1
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Richly pigmented, waterproof and long-lasting lip pencil

Outlet by NOTE Cosmetics




Complete your lipstick look with the Note Ultra Rich Color Lip Pencil.

This richly pigmented pencil lets you define, contour and fill in your lips. Long-lasting formula and smudge proof helps to extend the wear of any lipstick. Use the NOTE Ultra Rich Color Lip Pencil to help keep your lipstick colour in place.


  • Available in multiple colours
  • Dematologically tested
  • Paraben free

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Note Cosmetique

Launched in 2014, by a team of European beauty passionate, NOTE COSMETIQUE is a beauty brand that encourages us all to stop and notice beauty. We recognize the beauty in the everyday and we invite the community all over the world to take note of it, too.

With an emphasis on positivity and connection, we are global beauty brand inspired by Paris, a dynamic city with boundless creativity in fashion, beauty and culture.

We create products adapted to every woman of any age, and part of any culture. We are here to cheer you up, focus on the positive and spread this feeling with positive Notes.

Taking care of you is at the heart of our brand, and we will be respectful, helpful and compassionate. We are committed to keeping our prices accessible because there should be no boundaries in beauty.

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Choose your lip liner coloor according to your lipstick colour. Sharpen your liner before use. A sharp liner will provide a good, precise line. Move in light, short strokes for more precision by tracing the lipline in one movement.


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