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ARTDECO All in One Mascara & Soft Liner Gift Set

This product is discontinued. Why not try the: ARTDECO Perfect Volume Mascara Set

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All in One Mascara Black + FREE Soft Eyeliner Waterproof Black

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Set includes the ARTDECO All in One Mascara Black + FREE Soft Eyeliner Waterproof Black (No. 10)

The All in One Mascara gives the eyelashes volume, length and momentum. The mascara styles the eyelashes, making them appear fuller and longer.

During the design of the special mascara brush, two brushes are connected with each other so that the areas with a higher density of fibres separate the eyelashes, while areas with a low fibre density ensure more colour and volume.

Carnauba wax from the Carnauba palm protects the eyelashes and keeps them supple.

The newly developed texture of the Soft Eye Liner is exceptionally long-lasting. After drying, the liner becomes smudgeproof and waterproof. The pleasant soft and creamy texture provides a very easy and precise application.

The liner can be blended easily after application and is characterised by its colour brilliance and high opacity. Contains natural antioxidants and Vitamin E.



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