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ARTDECO Magnetic Half Lashes

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Reusable magnetic eyelashes - easy to apply without glue

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Maximum volume and extension in seconds. It has never been so easy and quick to attach and remove artificial eyelashes – without any glue or remover.

The Magnetic Lashes are artificial eyelashes made of high-quality synthetic hair with integrated mini magnets. The artificial eyelashes are very light and therefore hardly noticeable on your own eyelashes. For long, curved and voluminous eyelashes in a matter of seconds, the Magnetic Lashes are the right choice.



The eyelashes are applied after your make up. One pair of eyelashes is used for each eye.

The correct placement of each partial eyelash on the eye is marked in the box.
Step 1: The upper part of the eyelash is placed from above onto your own outer lash line.
Step 2: The lower part of the eyelash is applied in parallel from below with the eye open.
When the magnets meet, they attract themselves, keeping them in their attached position.


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ARTDECO All in One Liquid Liner

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