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ARTDECO Smooth Eye Liner


Gentle eyeliner with at least 85% ingredients of natural origin




The Smooth Eye Liner puts your eyes in the limelight. In addition to at least 85% enriched ingredients of natural origin such as shea butter and jojoba, the eye liner convinces with its sustainable packaging and its extraordinary performance.

The concentrated power of coordinated natural oils, waxes and fats care for the skin and keep it supple – your skin appears softer and smoother. The rapeseed oil improves skin protection and reduces skin irritation for a radiant appearance. Marula oil, on the other hand, is known as Africa’s beauty secret and is considered to be particularly moisture-binding.

The skin compatibility of the eye liner is dermatologically confirmed, so that you can use the liner with sensitive eyes without hesitation – also perfect for contact lens wearers. Thanks to the creamy and colour-intensive special texture, you will enchant with natural beauty!

The Smooth Eye Liner is made from wood from sustainable forestry. This wood comes from 100% certified sources and is used in order to guarantee a consistent product. The cap of the liner is made of recyclable material (PP).



Gently draw a line along your outer lash line or along your waterline. Precise and expressive or infatuated and natural - the choice is yours.

Tip: Hold your Smooth Eye Liner at a slight angle so you don't have to sharpen it with every application.


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Image of Bundled Product: ARTDECO Smooth Eyeshadow Stick

ARTDECO Smooth Eyeshadow Stick

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Smooth eyeshadow stick with at least 90% ingredients of natural origin



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