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Diego Dalla Palma CP Cream Anti-Age SPF50

This product is discontinued. Why not try the: ARTDECO Anti Wrinkle Cream with Q10

Article No: PF151070
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Intensive treatment for daily protection against pollution and the sun’s rays

Skincare by Diego dalla Palma


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Daily exposure to pollution and the sun’s rays can have damaging effects on the skin, which loses its elasticity and shine. It is more susceptible to dehydration, wrinkles and dark spots.

This anti-age cream with anti-pollution system helps protect against these elements. It preserves the skin’s youthful capital, protecting it from smog, toxins and other harmful external agents. High UVA and UVB protection to prevent the formation of wrinkles and dark spots. Suitable for all complexions, it gives the skin a more uniform, glowing appearance.

Contains Anti Pollution System, a special anti-pollution complex (obtained from shea butter seeds) which traps toxins and dust pollutants, to prevent the resulting irritating processes and counter the action of free radicals, preserving the beauty of the skin.

Broad spectrum filters UVA-UVB protect the skin both from UVA and UVB radiations and from photo-ageing, counteracting the formation of dark spots and uneven complexion. Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E provide nourishment and protection.



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Firming, regenerating anti-ageing cream



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