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Diego Dalla Palma Spot Targeting Roll-On

Article No: PF13081
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Intensive dark spot corrector with phytic acid

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Ultra-concentrated lightening treatment, formulated to reduce dark spots and imperfections with localised, intensive action.

Active Ingredients:

  • PRO WHITE B-SPHERES: regulate melanin production and counteract the formation of dark spots and uneven complexion.
  • Power illuminating active, in a pure and combined form (pinosylvin, phlorentin, diacetyl boldine, chromo- corrective spheres)
  • Phytic Acid: encourages cell renewal and removal of melanin from the surface of the skin.



Shake well before use. Apply morning and evening directly to the spot or imperfection.

Warnings: Do not apply near the eyes. Stinging or redness may occur immediately after application, this is momentary and due to the normal action of the product.


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