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  • perron rigot ingrown hair care serum

    Perron Rigot Ingrown Hair Care Serum

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    Prevents the appearance and regrowth of ingrown hairs

  • perron rigot double scrub

    Perron Rigot Double Scrub

     20.50 Add to basket

    Creamy texture with silica microbeads

  • perron rigot hair minimising serum

    Perron Rigot Hair Minimizing Serum

     16.40 Add to basket

    Specially designed for smaller, sensitive areas

  • perron rigot hair minimising lotion

    Perron Rigot Hair Minimising Body Lotion

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    The product makes the skin visibly softer

  • perron rigot 24h freshness deodorant (award)

    Perron Rigot 24H Hair Minimizing Freshness Deodorant

     11.00 Add to basket

    Slows down hair growth

  • perron rigot brow double pencil

    Perron Rigot Brow Double Pencil

     11.90 Add to basket

    Create perfectly shaped and full eyebrows

  • perron rigot brow brushes

    Perron Rigot Brow Brushes

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    Create perfectly shaped brows in no time