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ARTDECO Double Sharpener for Wooden Pencils


Double sharpener for thick and thin wooden cosmetic pencils


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An interplay of high-quality blade material, the perfect cut and the optimal firing temperature in the hardening oven make up the specially shaped cutting edge of the Double Sharpener For Wooden Pencils.

Both thick and thin cosmetic wooden pencils can be cut finely and precisely with the very sharp blade – without splintering the wood. The transparent cover enables precise sharpening: finally no more “over-sharpening”!

Packaging: Consists of at least 85% MATER-BI material and approx. 15% bioplastic (PLA and bio-polyester), which guarantees the stability of the material. The main ingredients for the production of MATER-BI are corn starch and oils from non-genetically modified plants that are traditionally cultivated in Europe. It should be noted that across the EU only 1% of all corn starch is used for bioplastics.



Use the narrow side of the sharpener for thin wooden pencils and sharpen thicker pencils with the wider side.


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ARTDECO Smooth Eye Liner

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