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ARTDECO Hydra Care Lipstick


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The Lipstick that is three times better for your lips!

Makeup by ARTDECO




The ARTDECO Hydra Care Lipstick combines two nourishing textures in one!

The two outer strips of the lipstick contain an Indian plant extract and a special peptide made from jojoba oil with pomegranate flower extract. This combination ensures supple, soft and optically plumped lips. Furthermore, the subtle colour of the ARTDECO Hydra Care Lipstick melts on application with the transparent centre strip of moisturizing hyaluronic acid and glucomannan.

This combination gives the lips a natural look and ensures that they don’t dry out. Perfect for the winter months! This natural lip look is easy to fall in love with!

The most important ingredients and their effects:

  • Indian plant extract (Swertia chiarata) and jojoba oil give the lips a smooth, soft feeling
  • Pomegranate blossom extract regenerates particularly mature, dry skin and makes it supple and soft
  • Hyaluronic acid acts like a filler and provides moisture
  • Glucomannan moisturizes and leaves lips looking natural

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Individuality, inspiration and the high art of make-up drive ARTDECO to develop products that inspire joy in makeup and contribute to increased self-confidence.

As the undisputed market leader in the German makeup trade, it has been their mission for 35 years to strengthen the charisma and self-confidence of every woman with their decorative cosmetics. Consequently, women in around 70 countries around the world are now enthusiastic about the high-quality products. Their innovative family business is based near Munich.

ARTDECO stands for “luxury that you can afford” and convinces its customers with luxurious cosmetics – in the best quality at affordable prices. With exquisite raw materials, they develop luxurious textures that meet the latest technological standards. High quality, artistically designed packaging rounds off their products.



Apply the lipstick to the lips. The transparent stripe in the middle fuses with the outer coloured strips when applied, resulting in a uniform colour result.


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