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ARTDECO Rosy Cheeks Gift Set

Gift Set
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ARTDECO Bronzing Blush + FREE Blusher Brush

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This duo set combines blusher and powder brush in one!

Bronzing Blush

The bronzing blush gives your complexion a summery freshness in no time at all! Two perfectly coordinated colours meet a subtle, delicate texture. The perfect combination of colour nuances gives you a fresh look.

Blusher Brush Premium Quality

The Blusher Brush Premium Quality, made of fine goat hair, ensures professional colour delivery. Due to the shape, desired contours can be achieved and shaded in a targeted manner, allowing you to conjure up a natural and even, but above all a fresh look!

Included in the set:



Gather up the blusher with the brush and tap off the excess. Smooth out the blush on the cheeks with small, circular movements towards the hairline.


Image of Bundled Product: ARTDECO Most Wanted Contouring Palette

ARTDECO Most Wanted Contouring Palette

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Powder palette for contouring, strobing & blush



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