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Diego Dalla Palma Moisturising Protective Milk Face & Body SPF30

Article No: PF76251
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SPF30 for medium-pale skin with rapid absorption

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For medium-pale skins that do not want to give up on a golden tan. Thanks to BRONZYL, a powerful activator of melanin, it protects the skin from damage caused by sun exposure, quickly promoting the formation of a golden and uniform colour.

The ultra-sensory fluid texture, with Aloha Sun fragrance, combines lightness and hydrating power with rapid absorption. It does not grease and leaves no white residues. Its slightly amber colour makes the skin immediately radiant. Shake before using.

Contains: DNA SMART PROTECTION, BRONZYL, Monoi Tahiti, Frangipani, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E.



See packaging or enclosed leaflet for details.


Image of Bundled Product: Diego Dalla Palma Milk Spray Family Protection Face & Body SPF50

Diego Dalla Palma Milk Spray Family Protection Face & Body SPF50

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Face & body protection with SPF50, for those who have pale and/or sensitive skin

Original price was: € 40.00.Current price is: € 12.00.


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