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  • artdeco green tea cleansing mousse

    ARTDECO Green Tea Cleansing Mousse

    $16.60 Add to basket

    Gentle cleansing foam with green tea extract

  • sun bum spf15 browning oil

    Sun Bum SPF15 Browning Oil

    $22.10 Add to basket

    Naturally scented with coconut oil

  • lusso tan tan be gone shower bar

    Lusso Tan Tan-Be-Gone Shower Bar

    $17.20 Add to basket

    For velvety smooth & hydrated skin.

  • artdeco all in one hand wash

    ARTDECO All In One Hand Wash & Care

    $12.10 Add to basket

    Mild hand washing gel with moisturising active ingredients

  • artdeco blush couture

    ARTDECO Blush Couture – Tweed Your Style

    $37.00 Add to basket

    Two-tone blusher in a fashionable tweed design case

  • hello sunday the one for your body spf30

    Hello Sunday The One For Your Body SPF30

    $19.80 Add to basket

    SPF 30 body lotion

  • artdeco oxyvital tonic spray

    ARTDECO Oxyvital Tonic Spray

    $18.20 Add to basket

    Tonic spray in a practical aerosol bottle

  • diego dalla palma protective cream spf15

    Diego Dalla Palma Protective Face & Body Cream SPF15

    $24.40 Add to basket

    For medium-dark or already tanned skins, that want to intensify the tan while remaining protected

  • bare by vogue instant tan ultra dark

    Bare by Vogue Instant Tan – Ultra Dark

    $18.80 Add to basket

    For medium to olive skin tones

  • diego dalla palma milk spray face body spf50

    Diego Dalla Palma Milk Spray Family Protection Face & Body SPF50

    $22.10 Add to basket

    Face & body protection with SPF50, for those who have pale and/or sensitive skin

  • diego dalla palma moisturising protective milk spf30

    Diego Dalla Palma Moisturising Protective Milk Face & Body SPF30

    $22.10 Add to basket

    SPF30 for medium-pale skin with rapid absorption

  • bare by vogue face tanning mist light

    Bare by Vogue Face Tanning Mist – Light

    $18.80 Add to basket

    For a natural looking facial tan that lasts for days

  • bare by vogue face tanning mist dark

    Bare by Vogue Face Tanning Mist – Dark

    $18.80 Add to basket

    Develops over 4-8 hours into a natural, streak-free golden tan

  • artdeco aromatic foot repair balm

    ARTDECO Aromatic Foot Repair Balm

    $12.10 Add to basket

    Aromatic foot care balm

  • artdeco super rich foot cream

    ARTDECO Super Rich Foot Cream

    $12.10 Add to basket

    Rich foot cream

  • artdeco nourishing body butter

    ARTDECO Nourishing Body Butter

    $24.90 Add to basket

    Rich & Intensively Nourishing Body Butter

  • artdeco refining body sugar scrub

    ARTDECO Refining Body Sugar Scrub

    $24.90 Add to basket

    Indulging Sugar Oil Peeling

  • perron rigot 24h freshness deodorant (award)

    Perron Rigot 24H Hair Minimizing Freshness Deodorant

    $12.20 Add to basket

    Slows down hair growth

  • lusso tan bath bomb trio set

    Lusso Tan Bath Bomb Trio

    $33.20 Add to basket

    You're 3 favourite Bath Bombs!

  • doap lemon and lavender aromatherapy bath bomb

    Doap Lemon & Lavender Aromatherapy Bath Bomb

    $5.50 Add to basket

    Enjoy an uplifting blend of lemon & lavender essential oils

  • -50% misslyn cuticle remover gel (product)

    Misslyn Cuticle Remover Gel

    $3.60 Add to basket

    Cuticle remover gel

  • -70% misslyn nail polish remover acetone free

    Misslyn Nail Polish Remover Acetone Free

    $2.60 Add to basket

    Moisturising nail polish remover

  • -60% misslyn lip candy palette red kiss edition

    Misslyn Lip Candy Palette

    $5.60 Select options

    2 Available Shades:

    • Red Kiss Edition
    • Pink Kiss Edition
  • -60% diego dalla palma moisture protective milk spf10

    Diego Dalla Palma Moisturising Protective Milk Face & Body SPF10

    $15.90 Add to basket

    For dark or already tanned skin, that want to intensify the tan while remaining protected

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